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GM Diet-My First Experiment with Weight Loss-India 2021

However unpopularly talked about Bhabhis  of India (brother’s wives) are, mine just saved grace. Guess what she did. She suggested to me the “Mother-Father-Uncle & Aunt of Weight-loss fad diets“!! Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen-The GM Diet it is- The General Motors Diet.

Well, I’d been going crazy about my weight ( read how in the previous chapter here :  ) & hence these solutions. After 2020 had resigned (No, I’m not talking about the suspended IPL but the Year 2020 which had gone by), I stepped into 2021 with a new faith in myself to overpower cravings, laziness and my retarded mindset.




Now, this was amazing and I swear by its instant & incredible results! The weight loss goes even up to 7-8 kgs in a week, subject to how honestly you follow the plan.Thanks Bhabhs!

The GM diet is a 7-day meal plan accompanied with light exercise and of which I followed the vegetarian Indian version. The toughest part was skipping my unmissable sweet masala tea & flushing down gallons & gallons of water (12-20 glasses/day) into my system. Here’s a rough chart I prepared of the diet:

GM diet
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Day 1- The ‘Only fruits’ day was tough and I started feeling dizzy by the evening. Sprinkled some salt on my fruits and guess with restored sodium balance, I felt better though weak. Day 2 was better because I am a veggies person. Day 3 just went by, I was so bored of the greens and the fruitiness.

Next-‘Monkey day’, I imagined would go well  but I gobbled up more bananas than recommended. No worries; ‘a little bit here and there’-the diet makers would have pre-accounted for. Day 5 & 6, I was cooking up a storm because I got a lot of basic raw material like paneer, tomatoes, kidney beans, soya, different veggies in combination of rice to experiment with. RICE THOUGH WAS BROWN, ALAS!

I quit on Day 7 because of orders received from  “Lord of the Onion Rings” and “The Lion Burger King”.

(Delivery Courtesy: Zomato)


gm diet- cheated with burger
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I lost 3 kgs in first four days and by the 6th day, I was 5 kgs lighter by gravity, in spite of little ‘cheats’ here & there. Was overwhelmed and looking fab!

Side effects: I started hating water.

After effects: It All Comes Back to You!  Gained back what I lost within the next 10-15 days even after mindful eating.

Takeaway: I felt, for at least ten days, like Ms Kareena Kapoor Khan minus Taimur & …… umm (??) in her belly.

So, I enjoyed this period (7+10=17 days) and ate wore to my heart’s content giving all my M-1/2  L sized dresses a new lease of life as they welcomed with me open arms and unopened seams.I flaunted, went out more often, visited people more than they wanted me to. I was making the most out of it, living in the moment, on a new high.

gm diet-fat to slim
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GM Diet & Science-

A balloon with lightweight air floats. I too did dreamily and thanked the GM diet planners from the bottom of my heart. But then, however much it stays afloat, a balloon is a balloon, always plump in its true avatar and so was I.

The lightweight hydrogen in me converted into the heavyweight radon and I came crashing down, back to my miserable self. Radon, I say, should be omitted from the list of “noble” gases !! It isn’t noble at all; look at helium, how noble a gas! Its the second lightest element in the universe after hydrogen ( which they say is not noble- I mean how?)

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Summing it all, GM  diet is highly recommended before marriage parties, holidays, planned bumping into your ex and for revisiting your old charm. Just take care that the holiday/function doesn’t last for more than a week lest the ghosts become active by the night…..Böö, Pööö, Buhuu, HUHUU !!!! A creepy thing to happen when THE MUMMY TUMMY RETURNS just when you’re about to steal the show.

EXPERIMENT 2 – Skip Dinner


Like they say, early starts make good beginnings.

So I resolved to kick-start early in the day following the golden saying:“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dine like a pauper”. Had full breakfasts to my heart’s content( *did I hear you chuckle, no don’t please! ) replete with milk, parathas, an idli meal, sandwiches, cereal, fruit, anything not utterly unhealthy.

Because I knew I’d have to compensate in the evening ( *now you know why). Lunch was basic while  dinner was light as in soup, oatmeal, milk & fruit and the sort. Added a morning-walk too!



What result ?

After effects: I moved to Experiments 3,4,5,6,7…………∞ (infinity)/ my next post & most probably, till the end of my life when my body turns into ashes and they wonder: “Why did she bother so much? She feels light !”

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11 thoughts on “GM Diet-My First Experiment with Weight Loss-India 2021”

  1. Very nice ma’am
    I really appreciate your research on diet each and every plan is very accurate here
    One more thing we can add for weight loss is boiled egg or we can take dry fruits, brown rice, cereal soup.☺️ Really happy to see this because one day I remember I ask you to make healthy and oil free food and now I’m happy reading this GM diet plan☺️☺️

  2. Weight loss and weight gain is s never ending process…both are two sides of a coin… honestly I am greatly motivated to loose some weight after reading your blog ..don’t know how far I will reach

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