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GM Diet-My First Experiment with Weight Loss-India 2021

However unpopularly talked about Bhabhis  of India (brother’s wives) are, mine just saved grace. Guess what she did. She suggested to me the “Mother-Father-Uncle & Aunt of Weight-loss fad diets“!! Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen-The GM Diet it is- The General Motors Diet.

Well, I’d been going crazy about my weight ( read how in the previous chapter here :  ) & hence these solutions. After 2020 had resigned (No, I’m not talking about the suspended IPL but the Year 2020 which had gone by), I stepped into 2021 with a new faith in myself to overpower cravings, laziness and my retarded mindset.




Now, this was amazing and I swear by its instant & incredible results! The weight loss goes even up to 7-8 kgs in a week, subject to how honestly you follow the plan.Thanks Bhabhs!

The GM diet is a 7-day meal plan accompanied with light exercise and of which I followed the vegetarian Indian version. The toughest part was skipping my unmissable sweet masala tea & flushing down gallons & gallons of water (12-20 glasses/day) into my system. Here’s a rough chart I prepared of the diet:

GM diet
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Day 1- The ‘Only fruits’ day was tough and I started feeling dizzy by the evening. Sprinkled some salt on my fruits and guess with restored sodium balance, I felt better though weak. Day 2 was better because I am a veggies person. Day 3 just went by, I was so bored of the greens and the fruitiness.

Next-‘Monkey day’, I imagined would go well  but I gobbled up more bananas than recommended. No worries; ‘a little bit here and there’-the diet makers would have pre-accounted for. Day 5 & 6, I was cooking up a storm because I got a lot of basic raw material like paneer, tomatoes, kidney beans, soya, different veggies in combination of rice to experiment with. RICE THOUGH WAS BROWN, ALAS!

I quit on Day 7 because of orders received from  “Lord of the Onion Rings” and “The Lion Burger King”.

(Delivery Courtesy: Zomato)


gm diet- cheated with burger
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I lost 3 kgs in first four days and by the 6th day, I was 5 kgs lighter by gravity, in spite of little ‘cheats’ here & there. Was overwhelmed and looking fab!

Side effects: I started hating water.

After effects: It All Comes Back to You!  Gained back what I lost within the next 10-15 days even after mindful eating.

Takeaway: I felt, for at least ten days, like Ms Kareena Kapoor Khan minus Taimur & …… umm (??) in her belly.

So, I enjoyed this period (7+10=17 days) and ate wore to my heart’s content giving all my M-1/2  L sized dresses a new lease of life as they welcomed with me open arms and unopened seams.I flaunted, went out more often, visited people more than they wanted me to. I was making the most out of it, living in the moment, on a new high.

gm diet-fat to slim
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GM Diet & Science-

A balloon with lightweight air floats. I too did dreamily and thanked the GM diet planners from the bottom of my heart. But then, however much it stays afloat, a balloon is a balloon, always plump in its true avatar and so was I.

The lightweight hydrogen in me converted into the heavyweight radon and I came crashing down, back to my miserable self. Radon, I say, should be omitted from the list of “noble” gases !! It isn’t noble at all; look at helium, how noble a gas! Its the second lightest element in the universe after hydrogen ( which they say is not noble- I mean how?)

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Summing it all, GM  diet is highly recommended before marriage parties, holidays, planned bumping into your ex and for revisiting your old charm. Just take care that the holiday/function doesn’t last for more than a week lest the ghosts become active by the night…..Böö, Pööö, Buhuu, HUHUU !!!! A creepy thing to happen when THE MUMMY TUMMY RETURNS just when you’re about to steal the show.

EXPERIMENT 2 – Skip Dinner


Like they say, early starts make good beginnings.

So I resolved to kick-start early in the day following the golden saying:“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dine like a pauper”. Had full breakfasts to my heart’s content( *did I hear you chuckle, no don’t please! ) replete with milk, parathas, an idli meal, sandwiches, cereal, fruit, anything not utterly unhealthy.

Because I knew I’d have to compensate in the evening ( *now you know why). Lunch was basic while  dinner was light as in soup, oatmeal, milk & fruit and the sort. Added a morning-walk too!



What result ?

After effects: I moved to Experiments 3,4,5,6,7…………∞ (infinity)/ my next post & most probably, till the end of my life when my body turns into ashes and they wonder: “Why did she bother so much? She feels light !”

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11 thoughts on “GM Diet-My First Experiment with Weight Loss-India 2021”

  1. These are quite well experiments would love to try these some day and ofcourse will be waiting for your other experiments so that I can reduce permanently and feel great

  2. Will try the gm diet before the planned bumping 😉….lovely play of words…great read. Waiting for the second chapter .

    1. Enjoyed the fun filled narration with science and diet..waiting to read more of these experiments

  3. Liked the article as I was imagining myself doing all the experiments. Mine was yoyo weight , got down a little and came back with full force. Before every family function, most of the persons plan their shopping and I used to plan dieting. Irony….acha khane k pehle ache se bhukhe raho..

  4. Gm diet experiment hahaha…
    Well written waiting for your next experiment…
    Nice blog..

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