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Saree & Newbie Daughter-in-law-India 2021 (Ch-1)

On a visit, lately, to my in-laws’ place, another town (India), I got reminiscent of my entry, my saree-clad timid entry into this family & household 18 years ago when I was a nervous, young bride/ daughter-in-law. Down memory lane, I stumbled upon some funny anecdotes I’m sharing therefrom. Funny now, but back then, it wasn’t! Read on:

New daughters-in-law Walk Slow


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Raise curtains to my first day of marriage and there I was: opening innings amidst a horde of relatives gathered in the house. My first day of setting foot inside the threshold and I was nervously following all rituals. I was already high-strung when just then, my husband’s sister had to secretly whisper into my ear. Guess what she’d to say. She whispered “dear you, walk a little slower honey, won’t you?!”

What ??


I knew I was jumpy inside but did it reflect outside too; I wondered.😬 Sure, I’d been tipped about walking slow during my preparatory wedding days. And swear I was; walking my slow-best that day. In surplus, my head was daintily bowed in respect plus I had bottled down 3 litres of shyness from 5 years of ‘Reserve’ for special occasions like this (N.B. I was never a shy girl).

Unfortunately😒, it seemed, the speed metrics in my new territory were different from my previous kingdom’s. Here I was on first gear; There: I Roared, Ruled & Ran. 🦁<🐰

Nevertheless, Brain Command shot: Check, Check Speed-Immediately!

My Reflex: “Roger That”

I slackened pace quickly to a measure well into the parameters of gracefulness. Two more corrections & Kudos! I mastered ‘the bridal pace’. 💃🏻

The ‘dignified tread’ I hoped, would earn me a few brownie-points.🥮😋Much-needed! Would use it later! Sister-in-law seemed content too. Operation Successful !

Daughter-in-law to Saree- Stay still, Will you?


My next challenge as a new daughter-in-law was when I was expected to cover my head with the saree and simultaneously prepare 25 rotis 🍪 (flat breads on a skillet) at one go! 🏁 The veil was expected to stay at, at least two inches from behind the hairline- the kind you have seen sported by the daughter-in-law in Indian family soaps- Check out Balika Vadhu or Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Confuse not- with the Muslim burqa which covers the face/body entirely. 🧕❌

The rider was: it was to be balanced there without using the hands since both hands ran pre-booked with roti manufacture. The veil slipped again & again while I was scolded again & again for not being able to control my fickle, playful saree ⛹🏻‍♀️Who’d thought I’d have to perfect neck motions for a peaceful transfer into marital abode?!🤔

Not to mention the bothering strands of salty sweat running down my temples, cheeks, occasionally depositing into the mouth (eek,🥵), meandering past the neck, shoulders & finally meeting-the-sea 🌊 (getting lost & absorbed in my clothing). Dampened! in body & spirit. 💦💦

Peak summer-time further compounded the heat from the gas stove.🥵🔥

But mankind has always found out a way for survival and gladly, I did too! Rafts for crossing rivers, fire for cooking meat & BOBBY-PINS TO HOLD SAREE VEIL. Eureka 🤩! I sorted out this too.

That frolicking naughty veil, I affixed to my hair with some FOUR PINS. Now I could bend, turn, walk, look above without a care in the world!!💃🏻 The saree wasn’t going anywhere. I was a free bird, though only in terms of body motions! 😌

A sore scalp courtesy the pins was another matter though. 🤯

Continued in the next post-Link Ahead!!!

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Saree & Newbie Daughter-in-law-India 2021 (Ch-2)


26 thoughts on “Saree & Newbie Daughter-in-law-India 2021 (Ch-1)”

  1. I was free bird, though only in terms of body motions

    Apt phrase that describes a newly married girl

    Loved the narration!!

  2. That was really good and hilarious…..beautifully written and described ….. waiting to know more about the experiences !

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