Motivation is over-rated; Try Habits instead!

Motivation is over-rated; Try Habits instead!


Motivation is over-rated; Try Habits instead!

Let me start with myself. I am a blogger, perhaps a ‘self-proclaimed’ one, because I don’t write enough. I have quite a few passions which consume me, my time & energy & Passions thus become my reason for not writing enough. Lack of motivation counts as one glaring reason too or so I thought.


I may be talented and blessed with `opportunities-waiting-for-me-to-make-them-happen’; but then, there is a ‘lack’ in me. And that lack is discipline: discipline of good habits. Unfortunately, discipline cannot be substituted with something as undependable as motivation  which is found hanging around at the bookstore, on posters, in seminars or daily whatsapp quotes. But how often is it effective ??! ONLY NOW & THEN; at intervals?!


It’s not really something which hits you every single day like does the milkman or the morning pooping syndrome. You can’t have your best friends and well-wishers or even yourself for that matter stirring & re-awakening your napping soul every now & then and in a frequency proportional to your needs.


Motivation vs Habits- Which is the constant companion?


Motivation is over-rated; Try Habits instead!
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That is the time, my dear friends, when ‘good habits’ steps in and comes to your rescue. Habits are that modest, unimposing friend which keeps your  bae ‘Motivation’ going. Its that daily ritual of green tea and Chyawanprash when you’re not downing shots of Vitamin C rush. The slow & steady friend it is who is growing old with you!


When out of the window flies motivation, comes fluttering in, voila discipline! To stay by your side, always. In your lows & blues, it will sail you through. ‘At least’, till Mademoiselle M comes roaring back like a knight in shining armour & steal the limelight. Sure, it is the lead, the star performer, but like every successful stellar show that banked upon its ‘backgrounds artists’, we all too need our painstakingly, long cultivated habits that constant root for us.


Not finding enough motivation is a constant complaint, grudge harboured by many of us. It may be a reality or excuse but is it a a reason good enough? No not! At least not good enough to distance me from my very important Passion of Writing. And certainly, these are not the ways to ‘achieve’ in life, specially something as ambitious as `goals of life’. Mine is to make big my blogging website.

Now if motivation cannot be the constantly available trigger, can I say that Motivation is over-rated; Try Habits instead!


Suggesting a Solution

Construct good, long-standing habits.

“I am  moody, I’ll go with the flow, I already have so much on my hands, missing one or two days of work won’t make much difference”. All these excuses have to go, if you’re serious about pursing your plans and dreams. There’s no other way.


What’s So Special about Habits?

The beauty of habits is that it makes you do things effortlessly. You do your work subconsciously without requiring special attention. You don’t wait for something to drive you to do it; you just do it! For instance, do you need a dentistry poster in your bathroom to make you brush your teeth every day?! No, you don’t. Why? Because brushing your teeth comes naturally to you as a habit. You won’t think “Oh, I’m not in the mood today to brush or I’m too tired or should I be brushing today or not; can’t I do it tomorrow”. No such thoughts creep to you. You will do it, without thinking if you feel like doing it or not.


Compare it to something that’s not a ritual with you; for example, gymming; or for students, studying. Each time you sit to study or think of going to the gym, your mind wanders into excuses. You ask yourself if you really wanna do it & then even if you wanna do it, you look for motivation which you seldom find. So you end up not doing the work. Were it a part of your routine, you would have wasted little time in gearing up for it. For employees or business people- if they decide that each day, I will do something that will enrich my merits or every week, I will solve one problem related to the business; you will see that your task register would stop ringing.

Not only habits require lesser efforts but also are more dependable because they are more regular. It’s not without reason they say- ‘A bird in hand is worth two in the bush‘. A sudden surge of motivation may give you the high of conquering more as compared to what you achieve from slow & steady habits but then, the latter is recurring. The gross from good habits far exceeds that from sudden streaks of motivation. And lightning does not strike everyday but the sun will rise perennially.


Challenges in Constructing Habits

Whilst you & me cheer for habits; they too have deterrents. Meet procrastination-the enemy of discipline (habits)! This postponement of work for a ‘later’ date can be suicidal for your planner. The ‘later’ hardly ever comes and if does, comes at the cost of another day of another missed opportunity. If you’re sworn in for a morning walk & if you happen to shift that walk to the evening, trust me, most of the times, it will only be at the radar of the next morning. So, do not go off-schedule as far as possible. Skip skipping! This oft-repeated tip will go a long way in cuddling you as comfortably as possible in the lap of healthy and strong habits.


As for me-had I a set schedule, a framework of everyday routine, would I not have fared better? A regular hammering on my head to take out an hour or two and sit with my writing every day, without fail and excuses would have put me at better terms with something I am so passionate about; with something as important as ‘goals in life’. I’m sincerely trying to figure my shit out, you work upon yours.

Folks!  Here’s an amateurish poem I just put together; hope you like it!

All that glitters is not gold;

Run an edit, on what was hitherto being told;

Habits; Not motivation, will keep you going bold !!!


Let me know what’s your opinion on my thoughts. Your COMMENTS are the only way we can connect. So, DO COMMENT, SHARE the blog with your friends N SUBSCRIBE  to my Website for upcoming stories, fun-reads & sarcasm.


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14 thoughts on “Motivation is over-rated; Try Habits instead!”

  1. I don’t know if your blog is another motivation for developing habit……but yes agreed, habits are better to be part of life as routine and more promising…. however, on contrary, I believe, habits are difficult to be inculcated without proper motivation as well…..

    1. Now that’s a tricky insight..let’s say use motivation for furthering your goals but use them sparingly…use them once for building habits or any other special case insight we may come across. Thanks for the said 😇 & Do subscribe to my website please!

    1. yup….that is one reason we should be using motivation for….Not asking to completely boycott it…lets jus not use it heavily & be too dependent on it…its overrated, that’s all ! Thank you for your insight…..Do subscribe to my website please!

      1. Very 1st time i read ypu as this was a whatsapp status og sandeep jo dugar…i thoroughly enjoyed reading and somewhat agree that things comes naturally and continuously if these are parts of ur habits, but in life intermittently you need a dose of motivation too..

        Looking forward to more from you…

        1. Thanks a lot for your insight….Sahi kahaa aapne…motivation ko use karo but sparingly…That was my point; motivation is good but over-rated!!! 😇… …Do subscribe to my website please!

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