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So What, If I Could Get Killed?!

The fall to getting killed
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Falling Fatally

Will I Be Killed By The Fall?!

Getting killed seemed unavoidable at this point- I was falling, continuously falling! Head-on, I was sinking into the cold darkness of the hole. It was a deep vertical fall ↓with a dead end. At the bottom, was nothing but stony, pitch darkness, waiting to hold me. I’d no idea why this was happening; all I knew was: I was descending & very, very rapidly!

With my heart in my mouth & breathing stopped; I broke out in cold sweat. Just the kind of feeling when you’re going down a crazy roller-coaster ride. Only difference, this one went only down & at 90 degrees flat. It was a death-ride!

Within nanoseconds, I knew, like-thud! I’d hit rock-bottom. Get smashed into getting killed. All that I’d leave behind was a shrill, sharp but short cry. If I was to be stopped, it had to be now or never.

The plunge was worse than its outcome would be. I died several times already. My stomach clasped to the point of vacuumized inside.

As I went swiftly for the bottom, towards death; suddenly, out of nowhere, a whirlwind gusted in the hole & like a shot, sucked me in its vortex🌪. Carried away & threw me out-outside the hole & straight onto a crowded railway platform. Happened in a snap. And it wasn’t funny; I had just escaped death.⚰️

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Still Not Killed But What Next?🏃🏻‍♀️

The Temple Run continued as I found myself sprinting to catch a train. Still panting for breath, I hurriedly boarded the train which had just begun to move. Once inside, I dropped heavily- the bags & my weary self onto the seat. Tried to gist what had just happened; but couldn’t make head or tail of it. My stomach was still rumbling inside.

Outside, the world was clueless about my anguish. It moved at its own bored pace with no idea of my nerve and franticness.

The hour-long train journey progressed without incident and put me on my destination. It was my brother’s city and he was there to receive me as I disembarked the train. We exchanged greetings & conversed normally as the car led up to his home.

A Strange Party

There was a small house-party 🎊🎊 going on: the reason of which I was oblivious of. The inmates; half of whom I didn’t know, welcomed me inside. I looked around. Something wrong, I sensed, pretty soon.

The weirdness was Killing Me!
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▶ For one, the match of hosts and guests seemed odd. The hosts, my brother’s wife and their kids were missing from their own party & their own house. Why?

▶ Instead, two of my colleagues &two of my husband’s office squad were right there, chomping away pizza to glory! What business had they to be there?

▶ They were all conversing in sign-language. Why couldn’t they speak?

‘The hint was on’ 📢 – for something fishy. There were far, too many things peculiar/out-of-place to go unnoticed.

However, I acted as normally as possible. Finally, the party came to an end. The guests left & the remaining us, retired for the night. I shut my eye-lids to sleep & whoa! in a blink, I had switched not just the day, but the city too! 👀

No! I had no wings, I didn’t use a plane, nor did I fly the magic carpet! But yet, I was there, on a new day, at my home and back to my city! Then how?The suspense was killing me!

Finally, Something Normal !

Here, it was a normal morning with normal people, an exception to what I’d been experiencing the day before. My husband had just returned from his morning walk ritual while I had tea on the gas & same time yelling at my son to wake up. It was 7 in the morning and son’s online classes were due to start at 8. Moreover, even after being thrown out of bed, he’d waste time by feigning sleep inertia, I knew. Sluggard, unlike me!

*Very soon, I’d discover it was me, who was the sluggard, not he!🙈

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Next followed, what always does in such situations.

Oh My God !

A pair of hands nudged my shoulders from the back, compellingly. I thought it was my husband who must be pleading a case for my son to let him sleep a few minutes extra. I wouldn’t change my mind, I promised myself.

The nudge grew more forceful now. I thought of turning around to confront my husband, but instead, my eyes were forced open. I was staring😳 right into my son’s pleading face. Now what on earth did he want? Did he part from the bed without me having to drag him? Confusion!

For a couple of seconds, I was blank. Took me a few more to gather myself and make sense of the situation. The brain quickly did its algorithms & calculated that it was early morning & THAT I  HAD  OVERSLEPT. OH, MY, GOD!!

The poor child was trying to arouse me from sleep. Gosh! I had been dreaming again🙆🏻‍ ; and this dream-engagement had got the better of me. I can usually hear the faintest of alarms, but didn’t today😴 . Today, I was too engrossed in the rebuttal & determined to prove my helpfulness.

Seen a Shocking Dream
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What did I Just See?

I got up & narrated my dream-story to the 7 year-old, on which he innocently remarked- “Mumma, please be careful; what if you got killed?” I grinned & replied—

So What, If I Could Get Killed?!

Fact is, I wouldn’t get killed. I would still be there for you next morning😘 ”. And then we laughed over it, as we have done on countless such post-dream occasions.😛😀

Crazy Dreams 👻

Nonetheless, the oddness of my dreams continue to amaze me, bemuse me. In fleeting seconds, I’ve seen dream situations turn from funny to unfunny ones & anytime, they change from a spooky & nerve-racking one to an extraordinarily ordinary one. It’s almost like at 3:20:37 hours, I’m being devoured by a whale and at 3:20:40 hours, I’m shouting at my milkman.

Dreams of “falling” are the ones I see occasionally. But what bewilders me is the anomaly of funny & grossly odd combinations of people and/in different situations/premises.

Like, it’s not unusual for me to visualize my friend holidaying with my son’s school principal or me learning to drive from my tailor. But how the devil, my subconscious mind cooks up such obnoxious combinations of people, time, logic or circumstances, keeps me amazed.

I can also never draw a connection between my dreams & my actual world; they don’t seem to co-relate. Nor do my dreams indicate any serious sleep disorders of the types like hypnic jerks (dreams of falling) or the like: I have neither anxiety disorders nor am on excess of caffeine☕️ . Rest, an authority on the subject would know better.

Let me believe what I would like to: these are signs of an imaginative, read over-imaginative mind at work! I’d call it signs from the universe for a writer who is “meant-to-be”✍️ 🙌 🤩 .

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  1. Haha… Your dreams are unique.. Keep us hooked like this! We are simply enjoying!

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