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The Eternal Kashmir Conflict

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This is my very first blog and I shall be offering you fresh insights on to both the Indian and the Pakistani side of the story of the Indo-Pak conflict. Will enter the corona saga in the next blog

As my domain name suggests, I am here to blog and not to clog your mind #BlogNoClog. So stay assured of an unbiased write-up.

Taking no sides,I try to ponder over the perpetual question Whom does Kashmir belong to– India or Pakistan? For all those who are unaware of all this mayhem, this 70 year period of Indo-Pak hatred and conflict was a fall out of the indecisiveness or other motives of one Raja Hari Singh.

Raja Hari Singh was the Maharaja of Kashmir, a Hindu ruler who reigned over a Muslim majority State. At the time of partition in 1947, the dear fellow could not decide whether to join the Indian Dominion or the Pakistani Dominion. He really wanted to retain an independent Jammu and Kashmir rejecting accession to both the sides. .
Later on, when the tribal invaders from Pakistan waged a war in Kashmir sweeping the territory, the king purportedly entered into an agreement with India by way of the instrument of accession. By virtue of this agreement,Kashmir was to be merged with India in exchange of military help from India to drive out the plunderers.

If this view were to be believed,India holds a rightful stake in the land of Kashmir and if not Pakistan does so. However, there obviously were counter claims made by the Pakistani side of the likes of a British historian Alistair lamb who falsify the Indian claim of the instrument having even existed let alone signed.

And thus in the conflict of claims and counter claims, the question of whether the hen came first or the chicken remains an unanswered question till date.


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