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Weight Loss Be My Best Loss – Who else feels the same?- India 2021

Weight loss journeys are like journey in Mumbai locals. You’re unlikely to find yourself lonely in there!

I too bought a ticket for the ride but kept getting on & off the train without reaching the destination. Sometimes, I felt like I’ve arrived; at other times it felt like I’m on an Indian local train while dreaming to get off at Zurich in Switzerland. Alas!

And I went from “this to this” !! (L to XL/XXL)

weight loss
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Now, honestly, I was mostly comfortable in my half-plus size until the famed lockdown 2020 when I put on an extra 8 kilos to my already overweighing myself. Till we were all lock-downed & shut, it was tolerable. Tolerable because, it went unnoticed & as for the in-house audience, we know how sweet Indian families are.

It wouldn’t matter to them  even if the plush sofas were to sink deep inside when you sit on them causing embarrassing  impression-depression or if you’ve to unbutton your jeans before a meal. Their take would always be: ‘Nobody likes skinny women; put on some real flesh’ :even though the skinny’s clothes be bursting at seams  and the flesh wanting to tear out of them.

But then lockdown eased and we stepped out. I eventually faced the sugar-free coated world outside. There were honest eye-balls around waiting to tell me my poor story while clothes’ size scathingly going from L to XL/XXL. Pardon my usage of the phrase”went from this to this” obnoxiously reversibly! ( its usually from a bigger to a smaller size but mine was…..)

Whatever, here’s when I decided that I’D ACTUALLY STOPPED LOOKING GOOD. PERIOD.


When size starts to matter, Weight Loss be the Best Loss.


The weight-gain never went down well with me unlike people who are surprisingly ‘honestly comfortable’ in plus sizes. Like the “GODZILLA” tagline went, “SIZE DOES MATTER.”, to me too, it mattered & it mattered helluva! I won’t lie I’m a person who wants to keep looking good forever and for that I needed to fit in clothes which worked their best for the wearer only when at moderate sizes. Skinny, I didn’t aim for as much as I loathed ‘full-figured fabulous’ness’.

I know I’ll soon have a moral/social police coming for me. The reason intensifies more from this point.

weight-loss size does matter
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The ugliest of  times had come when I’d give a shot to tummy tuckers (however much they ‘d hurt) and even google ‘camera-friendly ways’ to pose & avoid giving “the larger picture”. I am embarrassed to confess that I once I even used a body slimming filter on my picture. Swear-So ashamed ! That was truly the high-point which gave me a turnaround. But hey! that was once only. Stop judging all my pictures (any stalkers around?! )

And the final nail on the coffin was when I started developing health issues too. For one, I developed bad knees which at times, inflamed. Another,I found myself panting for breath at the upper end of that flight of steps. It was a clear signal that my fitness level was at its worst. I’d become lazy and inactive. IT WAS ALL CLEARLY VISIBLE.


God too played a Role!


“The unwanted gift” was the wrong tooth that God packed for me. He sent me a “sweet tooth” instead of the wisdom tooth at the age of 30. Wisdom would have been a sweeter tooth for me; God didn’t realise. I’d never craved desserts, chocolates, those Ice Creamed frappes & traditional Indian sweets the way I did now; just when my metabolism was slowing down! Why did I not want the stuff in my fat-skipping  years of school, college & in my twenties. Why God Why??

And don’t even get me started on fried & junk food & my love for masala tea and rice, the white version. Call me racist if you like for preferring white over the dusky but I was born & raised & married & bore a child- all in Kolkata( Bengal). So nothing to offset that ! It was rice all the time which had to be white.

But at the same time, I can thank God for being kind enough to give me an almost desirable face and body. Of course, that’s according to me! He’d just left the ‘maintenance job‘ for me. Thought I should do so much for myself & keep my fort.

weighing on scales
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All in all, my health police was woke, like the millennials say. Come 2021, & I’ve never invested as much in health & fitness (call it weight loss if you’d like) 2020 had fed me up. Frustrated & more determined than ever, I set upon to ease the scales now.

What’s your guess- What steps I took next? Read in the next blog; LINK AHEAD!!!

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27 thoughts on “Weight Loss Be My Best Loss – Who else feels the same?- India 2021”

  1. What a fun to read your blogs. It is always so relatable .Hilarious choice of words specially- depression-impression. Keep writing ,waiting for your next blog

  2. It’s always fun to read ur blogs…Acceptance is the biggest challenge.. U hv already won half the battle..btw u look as pretty as always

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